“Activate your passions and creativity with ‘COVID Time Capsule’, an enriching family activity inspired & created by Tina Venturella to have a collection of memories for this special time in history.”

Dear Parents/Caregivers,

We are living through history and our lives are on a gentle pause as we stay home to help keep the world safe. To encourage communication and expression of emotions, I’ve created this COVID-19 Time Capsule for children and families to work on together. 

This collection of fun, colorful worksheets will capture your personal experiences during this unique period of time so that, one day, it can be shared with future generations.

This free, fillable PDF includes an ‘About Me’ section, ‘Birthdays’, ‘Letters to My Future Self’, ‘Interview Questions for Parents’ and more.

I hope this time capsule helps to bring your family closer together during this time of social distancing.

May you be inspired,

Tina Venturella 


COVID-19 Time Capsule

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