“Celebrating Mother’s Day with your loved ones.”

Spring always awakens my heart to new life and sure enough, just last week, friends of mine gave birth to a robust baby boy. What a happy, joyful moment to welcome a newborn into the world!  It made me think back to my own mother and her path of motherhood and the sacrifices that she made for her children. Like all mothers, she put her child first and dedicated herself to motherhood, surrendering to her role. And this strong feminine force that is meant to create and express, is balanced by the male stabilizing force to bring unity.

May is the month for mothers and a time to congratulate them and shower them with love and attention. So, this newsletter is highlighting, COVID -19 Time Capsule, created by Tina Venturella, a wife, mother, children’s yoga teacher and certified holistic nutritionist. She is living the new times with her family and has tapped into her passions and created these activity work sheets to capture this special time in history. Thank you Tina, for sharing your unique passion as a mother and teacher.

Mother’s Day is a day to do creative activities like this, to activate one’s passions and to stay connected to one’s heart with gratitude. We wish you all a very happy Mother’s Day, having special family time to tap into your own creativity, or sparkle that will bring joy, laughter, love and a sense of fraternity and togetherness.

And mother’s don’t forget to take good care of yourself, relax and have some quiet time just for yourself. You deserve it!

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