“Come and meditate with like minded people in the beautiful setting of the Rideau Sports Centre in the Zen Tent.”

​During the years of doing a regular daily meditation practice, I have learned that it is the process, the voyage to the natural self, to the heart that is important. – a gradual peeling away of personas, limited belief systems, desires and the taming of the “ego”. Each person who is engaged on the path of meditation has a specific dharma. And, the voyage is unique to each soul, the journey back to the heart!

You may be doing yoga with your children or on your own when time allows and are experiencing the peace of going within. And, maybe your inner self is calling for you to go deeper into meditation. The question that comes up is “Who Am I?”

Meditation is a way to repose naturally into yourself in a friendly and nourishing way.  It can be a way to transform the mind and make you aware of who you really are. It will help balance your inner and outer worlds so you can meet the stresses of daily living in a balanced way.

If you would like to join others to discover more about meditation, I will be giving a weekly meditation class at the Rideau Sports Centre, Zen Tent beginning August 13th. The summer schedule for this class is Friday morning and this time frame may change come the fall.

This class offers a quiet, open space using silence and the support of the sound current through singing bowls, mantras and music. It is the journey of meditation that is important so each class will give the experience of training your mind to work for you and to bring you into balance with a sense of well-being.

Meditation classes include yoga warm-ups, knowledge and pranayamas to prepare the body for meditation. Then, there is the sitting in silence followed by a relaxation with the use of the sound current and sharing together.

So, if ‘meditation’ is calling you right now, check out this link or call the Rideau Sports Centre.


And if you want to have training for a regular meditation practice please go to this link for “Practical Awakening Course” that will be offered this fall, on Wednesday evenings starting September 13th.


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