“Jump into Spring with this re-vitalizing meditation and breath work class and become more you.”

The first three weeks of March is a time when the skies/planets will support new courses and projects, doing something new because there are no retrogrades this month. You will be supported with a good flow of energy that will support you to welcome change and growth as Spring approaches.

So, what a great time to introduce yourself to Breathwork and Meditation with a powerful 2-week course with Anamda.

Please note that our breath is free, simple to do and powerful with science showing that it works quickly and efficiently to bring the body, mind and spirit into harmony. A regular commitment to your breath ensures this result!

What you will get with this 3-hour-course over 2-weeks:

  • Learning and practicing the abdominal breath, warming up the spine and body first with some gentle body movements
  • Relaxation and meditation in combination with SOUND HEALING because the breath is sound – humming, toning the chakras
  • Tapping into your natural and unique voice (frequency) with gratitude
  • Knowledge, connection and sharing to learn from each other over a cup of Ayurvedic tea.

You will walk away refreshed, with increased vitality, calmness, focus and joy.

Dates:            Thursday, March 14 and 21

Time:              7:00 – 8:30 PM

Cost:               $50


Location:       24-80 Rideau Terrace (corner of Springfield)

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