“Early spring is a good time to re-set one’s vitality with some simple dietary, breath work and lifestyle adjustments for the whole family.” 

March is the month to have fun with your kids –  ‘break out’ time to allow new adventures, projects into your life and that of your family. March brings a new cycle with the ‘SPRING EQUINOX’.

In numerology March is a 1 Universal month, a time to bring your creativity and courage forward. Don’t be afraid to take a risk, try something new and have that ‘can do’ attitude.

Doing something new for your own self-care can be stimulating, enriching and fun. Parents especially need to take some time for self-care so as not to get bogged down – feeling sluggish, tired and lazy.

Following Ayurveda, we are in Kapha season at this time – the later part of winter and early Spring. It holds the element of Earth and Water so is cold and damp. It is the time that your kids can get sick with a cold, have more mucus in their system and are more lethargic. To balance Kapha we need to introduce some drier, lighter, more bitter and astringent foods to stay balanced.

It is good to reduce sweets in the diet, eat lots of fresh fruits and veggies, a variety of legumes e.g. chick peas, kidney beans and not to snack or over eat.

If you want to learn more about balancing the Kapha dosha, I will be offering the course called ‘Realignment and Balance’ this March. You will be introduced to the Ayurvedic system of healing with an assessment of your constitution and how to balance your body. Learn about easy, nourishing recipes to use for you and your kids.

You will also learn simple breath work to re-energize yourself. You will be able to tap into the power of your breath with nasal breathing and a simple pranayama sequences with a short meditation.

And the best part is that you can practice at home with your kids and also introduce them to new recipes that won’t have them on a sugar high. Plain popcorn with some salt is one inexpensive treat for your kids that doesn’t aggravate Kapha. Of course, it isn’t recommended to put very much butter on the popcorn because butter is too moist and salty. Remember, the Earth is moist so we don’t want to make Kapha even more moist so we balance our body type with the opposite qualities.

So, BREAKTHROUGH any limitation that your mind is producing right now; wake up your body as Mr. Gournd hog comes out of his hole and find renewal with increased energy (prana) and a more balanced body. The March “Alignment and Balance” course could be your SPRING CLEANSING ticket!


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