“Help your children explore their senses to be more conscious of their inner and outer world.”

A simple yoga practice gives children the opportunity to learn to manage their mind that is constantly receiving information through the five senses – eyes, ears, touch, smell and taste. They are like sponges taking in a lot of information through their senses and this takes them out of their natural place of emptiness. The world draws them out of this state of calmness, nothingness and pure presence. So introducing children to some tools to be aware of themselves as they engage in Earth experiences is an important step.

There are certain exercises that are simple and easy to do with your children to help them develop their senses to be conscious of their inner and outer world. For example, before crossing a street, children use their sense of hearing and sight to know when to cross safely. They start developing mindfulness and increased awareness of themselves in quiet play and with a simple, regular yoga routine.

November is the beginning of a more inward time, when the bear going into its den to sleep as the snow falls. Well, maybe not quite yet, with this ‘Indian summer’ we are having! There is a natural movement to a more inward quiet time and reflection so it is a good time to give your children simple exercises to develop their senses in preparation to learn meditation, to balance the play between their inner senses and their external world. They will also discover more about their inner sounds too, listening to their body e.g. the sound of their heart beat, other body sounds, etc. 

These exercises are on the website blog for you to try with your children and will help your children develop mindfulness. Yoga is a good friend to any ‘mindfulness training’ that your children receive in school e.g. the application of the breath for calmness, relaxation and concentration, understanding self-awareness, self-regulation, etc.

You can also have your children keep a record of the exercises and how they felt before and after doing them. It teaches them to self-reflect and to understand themselves better and to have a healthy balance between their inner and outer world.

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