Here is a simple mantra to honour your mother and Mother Earth. Your singing or chanting in nature, will help the trees to bloom on this beautiful Mother’s Day weekend.

You can repeat the mantra or put your own voice to it. Here it is. This mantra calls to mind the feminine forces, which not only give birth to new things, but can also make change in the old ones.

‘Jai’ means victory to, hail, praise to, or admiration/adoration/respect for. ‘Ma’ is a word for ‘mother’ and in this context refers to the universal Goddess who is powerful, protective, creative, effective. So, ‘jai ma’ could mean ‘great gratitude to the divine Mother. May her power be victorious over all obstacles.’”

The maternal or female energy is one of the earliest objects of contemplation and worship. ‘Ma’ itself refers to the universal creative force that is represented in the powerful feminine deity Shakti.

Jai ma, Jai ma, Jai ma, Jai Jai Ma.



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