“Repose yourself in meditation with no agenda or expectations.”

Are you feeling the pull to relax naturally within yourself more as fall approaches? If you are new to meditation or have completed the Practical Awakening course these “introductory meditation evenings”, in a cozy, and informal setting, will give you the opportunity to experience calmness, more energy and inner focus that you can apply in your daily family and work life.

Each meditation class will have a theme of self-inquiry and some knowledge in combination with the added harmony of singing bowls. Singing bowls produce sounds vibrations that invoke a deep state of relaxation and assist you to enter into meditation.

Come join us on June 5 & June 26 from 6:30-7:30 p.m. at 3-143 Granville St (off of Montreal Rd, West of St. Laurent).

Investment: $15

Please confirm attendance by emailing Anamda at info@heartsoundsyoga.ca or call 613-228-9235.








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