“Sound Healing” with humming has proven to be very successful. You can learn to heal yourself by consciously learning to hum.”

Let’s review how to “hum” again.

After taking a few natural breaths (diaphragmatic breaths) to release stress in the body, take one slow deep breath and begin to hum, using the mmmm, OM or hum sound. If using the Om or hum sound spend only a couple of seconds with “oh” or “huh” and then use the rest of the breath with the ”mmmmm”.

Hum using a monotone sound that comes naturally and hold this tone (no variation in pitch) throughout the Hum that you hold for about 5-10 seconds.

When the hum ends take a couple of natural breaths and repeat the hum. Practice keeping the pitch steady and your voice volume gentle.

Humming Exercise – Feeling the Vibrations

Although yourself 15 minutes for this exercise – 5 minutes to hum (about 25 humming sounds), 5 minutes for relaxation and 5 minutes for grounding.

Begin to hum after a couple of natural breaths. Now, as you hum, focus where you feel the vibration in your body. You may feel the vibrations in your skull, vocal cavity, chest or you may feel the sound vibrating in a number of places at the same time. Continue to hum for 5 minutes.

Relaxation – continue to breathe slowly and deeply with your eyes closed, in silence for 5 minutes. Check how you are feeling. You may notice that a part of your body that was in discomfort feels better.

Grounding – Open your eyes slowly and begin to wiggle your toes and feet and bring your awareness back to your surroundings.

Humming effects – It is important to notice where you are feeling the humming sound in your body. To use humming as a sound healing practice you need to consciously feel the vibration of the hum. Initially, some people feel drowsy or even fall asleep during the practice. That is fine. And it is a good idea not to plan any vigorous activity after.

Recording your humming – It is helpful to listen to your voice after doing a audio recording on your phone.  And over time you will find that your hum is smoother, with a good pitch.


Stay tuned for “changing the pitch” with humming in the April newsletter.

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