“Celebrate Nov 20th – National Child Day with your child/children at school, at home or in the community.’

November 20th , National Child Day, is a special day to ‘celebrate your child/children’. Your children may be participating in this event in their school, learning more about their personal rights.

There are 8 million children in Canada and they all have their rights in common. Educators, parents and caregivers will be teaching children about their rights by organizing a learning activity at school or in the community. Your children will bring home their own learning for more discussion at home.

What activity do you have planned for your children? Some of their rights include: 1) survival rights 2) developmental rights 3) protection rights and 4) participation rights. Perhaps taking time to have a family fun evening or weekend is a good place to start. I am sure your kids will have lots of ideas!

And the month of November is the Universal Month of 9 (11 + 2023 = 11+ 7=18 = 9). It is the month of letting go, the release of 9. It also brings closure, being the last month in the numerology cycle. It frees up your energy. So, let go willingly of that energy that doesn’t serve you anymore.

This means releasing emotional intensity, especially since the Sun is in Scorpio until November 23rd, and is the time to connect with deeper parts of yourself.

Are you ready to let go? You will need to do the work to free yourself up, making space – removing clutter in the home and office, purifying the body, ending a project or activity that isn’t working for you. Reflect on bringing things to completion, big or small.

Remember not to start new things before the old is released. You are in the perfect spot, knowing that every move you have made has brought you to this moment. And most importantly you are not your experiences although you learn from them. And various life experiences allow ongoing growth for your children as they develop into young teens, adults.

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