“Understanding the male and female energy in you and how to balance.”

June is the time that seeds have sprouted into plants in the garden and everywhere in nature. They grow with adequate hydration and the warmth and energy of the Sun and with a fertile earth. Father’s Day is a day to honour the seed of the father, the one that stands tall and solid giving the female containment. It is a day to honour all males and the male energy.

How often have we seen our father deep in thought, sitting quietly at home, in his own personal cave? As a female – daughter, wife and sister, we have had expectations that the male figure in our life will share and speak like us. We forget, that the man, likes stillness, time to reflect and isn’t in need of the same kind of expression as females. We have our female friends to share our emotions with, knowing our emotions change every two and a half days.

Males contains the female with their own height so that the female can expand outwardly. They do one thing at a time and get overwhelmed if asked to multi-task. Females, on the other hand, do this naturally. Our brains are wired differently and, if we understand the difference, then communication between us is effortless.

The male energy is about ‘stillness’ and is about going within like during a retreat. This is how the male inspires the female. Have you noticed that Dads, husbands or boyfriends have a simple way of organizing their daily life? The female, on the other hand likes diversity and creates diversity, with a balanced male energy. For example, their approach to cooking a dinner is simple, using the basic ingredients and not getting too fancy.  And the male gives the female boundaries, acting as a container and support for the female.

Remember we all have both male and female within us and it is the male energy that directs and contains us. There is no gender when we have balanced male and female energy and this energy gives unity and peace.

If the male energy becomes too rigid and demanding, there is a hardening of the heart. One can be very wise but if the heart isn’t open, it is dry and uncompassionate. With an innocent heart, there is no defending and the mind surrenders to the innocence and love of the heart. And, as always our children, and other children show us how this works.

And the male(s) in your life will appreciate hearing that you appreciate their strong, supportive presence. This doesn’t mean that they don’t like to share stories or have fun. They are just built differently than us females and energetically carry this stillness, containment and support naturally.



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