“Explore your voice with this voice toning/chakra balancing workshop.”

February is the month of caring for your HEART, and what better time to express your own ‘Heart Sounds.’ Freeing the voice brings natural healing to the body. Our body is an instrument of vibration with all our cells, organs vibrating at a certain frequency. Doing a sound bath allows fresh, pure vibrations to refresh blocked areas.

Our breath has a sound, a vibration and is a tool to embody our true nature more. You have already experienced the power and many benefits of the natural breath (belly breath). It helps bring the body back into harmony, cleansing all the chakras.

I would like to take you on a journey through the chakras with sound toning, using the breath, voice and gentle yoga movements. We all have a unique voice to embody. It is about sounding out your truth with harmonious and dissonant sounds. Can you accept your voice the way it is? This is a fun, uplifting and powerful journey. You don’t need to be a singer. We all hum during our daily activities and that alone brings powerful healing.

I have experienced the joy of walking in the woods and toning with my voice in harmony with nature. So, take your breath and voice for a walk in a free moment or during your regular walks.

So, this workshop will help balance your chakras and give you a new relationship with your voice and body. It is an opportunity to open and liberate your voice in a fun, easy way and feel the connection to other voices.

So, let’s come into a healing circle to share and experience the power of the breath and voice and share a calming cup of Ayurvedic herbal tea. This is the month to express gratitude and love for life and Earth.

Join Us: Wednesday, February 21st from 7 – 8:30 PM

Registration: Anamda at info@heartsoundsyoga.ca

Location: 24-80 Rideau Terrace

Cost: $30

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