“Fish pose is a good way to open the heart and the whole front of the body.”

Children like to do heart poses to stretch their chest and sternum, and to strengthen the back and include: backbends, shoulder stretches and chest-opening. The entire front of the body is stretched while strengthening the back. Children benefit by a break at school to do a couple of heart poses to improve their posture and prevent a rounded back from sitting long periods of time at a desk. And poor posture can lead to shallow breathing and back pain.

Children can do a series of poses such as cat and cow pose, cobra pose, bridge pose, fish pose, shoulder twists as a few examples.

‘Fish Pose’ is a popular one with children:

Lie down on your back and bring your arms close in under your body. Breathe in as you tilt your head back and bring your chest off the floor. Breathe deeply as you hold the position for one minute. Complete the pose by bringing in and out deeply as you bring down the head and spine slowly.

This pose opens the heart center and shoulders and stretches the spine making it flexible. It stimulates and opens the belly organs and throat. And it is important not to over-extend the head and neck.

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