“HAR is the mantra of abundance, moving through any obstacles in your life.”

HAR is the mantra for courage and fearlessness and has the power of manifestation. You and your children can chant it to give yourselves strength to deal with life challenges. Har mean the creative aspect of infinity. It also means earth, prosperity and be here now. To tap into prosperity it is very important to be grounded in your body as you chant HAR.

This mantra can be done in so many different circumstances. A simple clapping with the mantra for 2 to 3 minutes will surely stimulate the five elements and the nervous system.

The mantra is repeated in a monotone. When pronouncing the R, the tongue such hit the back of the teeth, like in Spanish. Remember that that part of the palate has 80 ending nerves! You are stimulating your whole brain with this mantra.

Five different ways to play with this mantra:

  1. Clap the hands and say HAR
  2. Every time you put your right foot on the floor say HAR
  3. Every time you put your hands on the floor say HAR
  4. Every time you jump up and down think HAR
  5. Every time you blink think HAR.
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