‘Meditation anchors you and your child’s heart in contentment and stability.’

Every second Sunday evening: January 13 and 27, February 10 and 24

6:30- 7:30 p.m.

3-143 Granville St, Vanier, ON (off of Montreal Rd, west of St. Laurent Blvd)

Confirm attendance. Adults and families welcome


You may have noticed some predictions for the coming year in the news or social media. The numerologists say this ‘3’ year (2+ 0 + 1 + 9) = 12 = 1 + 2 = 3, will bring expressive energy to everyone. You can start this new beginning with lightness knowing that this energy will help you manifest, and express yourself more easily.

The Vedic people say, that during this year, it is important to be anchored in your heart and to stay stabilized by doing things to stay calm and centered as the positioning of those planets can throw us some curve balls. Remember, challenges are good, helping us grow and expand and we are in an expansive year!

And, it is always a time to have a ‘sense of belonging’ with everyone, by sharing and helping others. So being kind with oneself leads to kindness to others with good communication. It is a year that you can really make a difference in your family, work and community.

So naturally, looking after our health is important to tap into this special creative energy. You can build and strengthen your prana by the correct use of the breath and by meditation. With busy family life, you may say, where to find time to this? And the answer is – Give 3 minutes a day to feel stronger and more stable. We are in fast changing times and time isn’t slowing down. So here is a way to stay on top of it all.

There are different ways to meditate and here is one way that children engage easily in school, with parents or on their own. It helps to introduce meditation in a practical way. For example, you can make it a game, “Let’s listen to the sound that our breath makes.” You can also bring in a puppet or favorite animal to be part of the fun.

The whole family can benefit doing this meditation daily and it will bring contentment in the heart, good focus, calmness, happiness and will turn challenges into opportunities.  And as parents this is a good introductory meditation practice for you. All it requires is a few minutes of your own quality time. After all, as a parent, you deserve it! And so do your children!

This mantra is a reflection of the sound of the breath and means So = ‘I am’ andHum = ‘that’. ‘That’ refers to all of creation, the one who is breathing us all.  In Vedic philosophy it symbolizes the fact that we are all connected to the universal energy that is constantly supporting and nourishing us. It has no meaning so is not a religious chant. It helps adults and children move beyond their mind’s chatter to a place of awareness in the moment.

With you and your children in easy pose with a straight spine or lying down, visualize the ocean with eyes closed or have a soft gaze and watch the ocean waves go up on the inhale and down on the exhale.

Then together, listen to the in-breath and then out-breath and then listen silently to ‘So Hum’. Focus on ‘So’ with the in-breath and ‘Hum’ on the out-breath. Imagine all creatures of the Earth being fed by this breath and with your children ask ‘Where is your breath coming from?” You can have them imagine their exhalation leaving their body through their nostrils and joining the atmosphere, back into ‘all that is’. Sometimes children prefer to whisper the mantra too.

Have the children bring their hands together in prayer position to finish and close with a moment of gratitude or prayer as they tune into their own oneness with all.

As a family you can start this meditation for 3 minutes and work up to 5 minutes as time allows and do regularly if possible. Sitting in silence and doing the natural breath is another option.

Parents and families are welcome to join our Sunday group meditation that takes place every two weeks.


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