“A Happy Heart Yoga Class for Valentine’s Day!’

Here is some HEART YOGA for the whole family for VALENTINE’S DAY.

Open your yoga class with 3 OMS sitting in a circle.

Start with asking your children what they know about their heart:

  1. How big is your heart? – It is the size of your fist and show them the fist.
  2. Do you know what the heart does? It pumps blood throughout the entire body..
  3. Guess how many times your heart beats in your lifetime? It beats more than 2.5 billion times in an average lifetime.
  4. The heart beats rhythmically, like a drum. It beats around 100,000 times a day so there is a lot of drumming. Thump, a thump, a thump sound.
  5. How much pressure does the heart put as it pumps? The human heart creates enough pressure when it pumps out to the body to squirt blood 30 feet.

Sitting in a circle, put your hands on your heart, tapping the top hand over the bottom hand – thump -and a thump, thump and a thump, etc. sounding like a drum.

Make the heart mudra with your hands (arms over your head, dropping fingertips to the crown to form a heart shape, and do the balloon breath (natural breath). As you breathe in feel your heart fill with love, and as you breathe out, extend your heart mudra and send love to your family, friends, pets, people and animals all around the world.

Sit for a moment and reflect the qualities of the heart.

Compassion, love, kindness, caring, joy, happiness, patience, trust, surrender etc.

Let’s do some yoga poses to open our hearts:

  1. Open your beautiful strong heart moving both your hands from the middle of the hear outwards.
  2. Do 7 shoulder shrugs, up and down with the in and out breath and say ‘ha’ – giving a nice release and more space to the heart.
  3. Go into cat/cow pose doing 4 deep breaths in and out saying, “ I feel my unique heart energy shining from my heart.”
  4. Go into cobra pose – opening the heart even more. Hold for 4 seconds and do 3 times.
  5. Move into animal walks – alternate arms and legs moving as you walk like a gentle, kind ‘deer’.
  6. Do this partner pose – face to face offer a valentine to your partner, bowing to the other person, surrendering to their unique and friendly heart.
  7. ‘Shine your heart energy in baby pose – feeling that spacious heart and hum for 4 breaths.

Web of Love Activity:

Sit in a circle with a ball of wool or twine. The person beginning takes the end piece of wool, wraps it around their hand and then rolls the ball of wool to another participant along with sharing a quality of  their heart. For example, ‘Megan, you have a playful heart.’

The person hearing this loops part of the string around their hand before rolling the ball on to someone else, repeating the sharing.

Continue this until a giant web appears. Notice how connected everyone is and how unique each person is and the group as a whole.

Everyone stands up still together as a big web, walking in a circle singing  the song – ‘Be Happy Today’


Lying in corpse pose in a circle do the natural breath – breathing in love to our heart and breathing it out to your family, other friends, your animal friends and to the whole Earth.

Do for 2-3 minutes.


Om Shanti, Shanti, Shanti.









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