“Valentine’s Day is a day to tune up with our Happy Heart.”

Valentine’s Day is a special day to tune up with our heart, to listen to its wise counsel and act upon its messages. We all have a unique heart that brings forth a special passion that no other heart carries. Children easily tap into their heart energy when they share with parents, siblings, friends, teachers and other adults. They don’t hold back their passion for life and their projects as they carry that natural innocence and love for all life.

Children bring their happy heart into play, school and quiet time. When I see an 8-year old friend of mine, he often tells me about his new game, book or project with enthusiasm and gives me a gift or asks me to join him in making something creative. This is an example of the heart flow happening in a moment. That happy heart is there during quiet time to spontaneously manifest something new e.g. making a gift for a friend’s birthday or development a new skill with a game.

Dedicating time to your children is the role of the parent. Just spending time together, creating an atmosphere of joy and love and inspiring your children, brings a bond of friendship. In this bond of friendship, your children will listen to you and they won’t need discipline.  

As a family, taking a special day to connect in a heartfelt way is energizing and gives a real sense of belonging to each other. It may include listening to each other’s stories of the week, sharing a household project, activity or sport with each other. Spending time in nature is especially important for children to relax into themselves. These are times when children feel free to share their feelings with parents e.g. what makes them happy, sad or fearful, all the palettes of the emotions. And, in turn, this helps calm their heart energy.

The power of the heart impacts the whole, spreading new seeds with its passionate expression. We can’t help but feel the vibrancy and potency of the heart when a child expresses joy and enthusiasm for whatever they are doing e.g. dancing, singing, acting etc.The feeling spreads, uplifting the whole group, bringing a sense of fulfillment.

And children appreciate hugs and active listening time with their parents, to make them more at ease in their challenges. Their parents’ challenges are also a teacher to children as the heart has a natural flow between people and their experiences.

The power of the heart is the simple resonance of life that vibrates in us, and the more we allow that aliveness to live through us, the more we realize that we are that heart in all its power and steadfastness.

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