“Flowing with life, and life events make for an easier transition in whatever you and family are doing.”

Standing forward bend is a great pose to just ‘hang out’, relaxing down, stretching the spine gently, relaxing the knees, head to your knees and then rocking a bit in both directions. It takes out any feeling of stiffness and feeling stuck in our body, emotions and mind.

Times of transition can reflect in our physical, mental and emotional bodies.  Right now, with this COVID experience we are being asked to ‘let go’ and practice centredness. In some ways letting go is a big rest and, in another way, it can feel unsettling if we are used to wanting control of our life.  One example for parents, is making decisions for your children – how they behave, study, what they learn and right now – going to school during COVID or not. Educators, administrators, parents and children are all trying to determine the  best way to approach school this fall.

In reality, life is showing us, with the example of COVID, that we don’t have control over anything and wanting control makes us stiff, rigid and unable to flow with life. Have you noticed that when you flow with life events and surrender to what is happening in and around you, that your life is easier and relaxed. And when you have a certain expectation or want a certain outcome for your job, your children, etc. things don’t move quite so smoothly. So, this simple pose, the ‘forward bend’, can show you how to flow naturally: Be present, open, receptive and ready to engage and experience your particular passion in life.

During COVID, you are being given an opportunity to roll with the waves. Your children will surely know what they need. If they become bored, they will soon find a new project coming forward with a pen and paper and so forth. Have you noticed that kids excel when they are left alone to figure things out? Their own creative juices come forward with parents not monitoring so closely. Being a little less hands on can reap many benefits. Your children still want your opinion e.g. look what I just have drawn, see the story etc. They need that pat on the back to reinforce their own abilities.

You may have discovered in COVID to keep things simple with less effort in daily life. Things have a way of happening organically, like in a vegetable garden. The garden flourishes with some weeding and care. Some kids that I know are flourishing at home, coming up with new projects that keep them occupied and happy and learning new skills. In this way, children learn to solve their own problems (fail and succeed) take responsibility to find solutions, even with building a toy or Lego. Parents are still there to guide their kids, to be fully present and to intervene when things go off or give support.  This approach builds resiliency and strength in children.

Starting small is a good beginning to letting go of control, like letting go a certain family pattern that doesn’t seem to be flowing well e.g. timing for meals, how long to be on social media etc.  We have all been conditioned to believe that we need to control our life to survive. However, we have the choice to let our intuition and heart guide us, all in the proper timing, and not at the pace we may want. And in the meantime, smile and breath deeply as you practice hanging our in the ‘forward bend’ with your children.

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