“Have fun combining your Halloween costume with a yoga pose to share with family and friends.”

Here is a simple walk for different Halloween characters. You can do with family and friends by standing in a circle with someone leading.

The leader will put cards with a Halloween yoga pose in a basket and each person choses one to share with the group.

The first person will do the Zombie walk. Don’t be afraid to be creative.

And continuing around the circle here are the other walks:

Monster Breath (lions breath)
Witch on a broom (warrior 2)
Pumpkin (childs pose)
Spooky tree (tree pose)
Flying witch (chair pose)
Vampire (mountain pose)
Bat (boat pose)

and the leader will then see if anyone has another pose to do, maybe the wild black cat…

Wild Black cat (cat/cow pose) and so on..

See how many you can do

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