‘Go to your special inner cave or den and experience the power of the Moon.’

A guided visualization during a short meditation is a wonderful way for children to tap into their own inner imagination. It brings them into a place of relaxation, peace and love within 5-7 minutes. And they awaken in a new space of feeling refreshed, regenerated and happy. And in this quiet space, they can express/share their personal experience in a creative way e.g. a colored drawing, singing or dancing as some examples. For example, with a trip to the Moon, the moon, every child will see it differently, with a different perception. And parents often comment how it brings the whole family together into a special place, leaving the business of the day behind them.

So imagine going on this journey with your child(children). You can start out with a mantra, chanting OM and then this breath to focus – 2-in breath and 2-out breath (on blog) and guiding them into their own inner world or cave.

As parents you can tell your children to see their own unique inner cave and ask them what shape or color it is, what does it feel like. Some children love certain colors, or glitter, shiny objects etc. Now, as a parent you can guide them on a journey. Here is one example to give you an idea.

Imagine you are outside in the yard playing when you notice a beam of light coming down from the full Moon and crossing over your favorite tree. Now you walk over to get a better look and as you near this Grandfather Oak Tree you see a beam of light appearing at the tree’s feet.

The tree makes big chuckling sounds as you stand on the moonbeam by the tree. The moonbeam is filled with glitter and it makes you glow with all its sparkles. And, suddenly, the moon beam lifts you up above the Earth and it takes you higher and higher until you reach the moon. Now taking your first step, the moon feels different – so light that you float across it.

And now you see the moon people floating towards you, welcoming you to their home. They shimmer and shine a golden light like the moon itself and have golden smiles. They are very slender and tall and want to show you around. They ask you what you would like to see on the moon – either this side or the other side of the Moon.

You decide to take a moon walk and to show the Moon people how Michael Jackson did his special moonwalk. All the moon people laugh and clap as you make those fancy steps on the glittering white moon surface. You practically float as you make these magic steps.

And now it is time to come back to Earth by entering that moon beam which is shining on a golden platform. And then you float gently back to Earth and land at the bottom of your Big Grandfather Oak Tree. And this time the tree tickles you awake and you notice, as you start walking on the grass, that the moonwalk is a bit harder to do. So you think, tomorrow is another day to look at the moonbeam and get beamed back to the Moon. But now it is time to go to sleep in the embrace of the Moon shining through your bedroom window. How cool is that!


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