“What does ‘gratitude’ mean to you?’

Thanksgiving will soon be here, and I noticed today that a local meat store had a sign outside, saying, ‘Get your best bird’. Well, for me, being a vegetarian, I feel bad for the turkeys, with twisted necks and much prefer seeing them in their natural habitat, in the woods. Like other animals, wild turkeys bring a message when they cross our path. How many times have you had them stop your car as they cross the road on a country road?

They are sometimes called an Earth eagle and they have an association of honoring Mother Earth. They symbolize all the blessings that Earth contains and to use these blessings appropriately. They reflect the importance of having gratitude in our life.

In our day to day life we often forget about what the Earth gives us. We are granted life in every moment and we receive many gifts and abundance from all her natural resources. The Earth is very generous and at the same time teaches us not to take more than we need.

Thanksgiving is a time to reflect on gratitude and what it means to you and your family. Take a moment with your family and write down what you are grateful for in your life – a warm happy home, good health, nutritious food, friendly neighbours, teachers, friends etc. And, the list goes on. When we have the attitude of gratitude, our hearts are open and ready to give and receive without any conditions or expectations.

This special celebration is also a time to help people in need, and if they are far away, your kind thoughts and compassion will reach them. Your words and thoughts are very powerful and it is the law of Earth that you receive back what you give out.  We all have experienced moments of forgetfulness about gratitude. With awareness, we acknowledge this and keep walking the path with gratitude.

Challenging days, are special days to reflect about gratitude. We can have gratitude for the challenges in our life. Without challenges, how can be grow and mature? So when you write down the things to be grateful for in your life and your family’s life, don’t forget to add the challenges too. This allows your children to see that life will provide them with what they need to learn, always in the right dose.

Earth teaches us to not take life for granted and people are waking up to what Mother Earth needs now, using ‘climate change’ as a pressing example. We all have a responsibility to protect Earth. So our thoughts and prayers of Gratitude for Mother Earth, bring healing to Earth and all her citizens and beings.

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