“Let nature be your best teacher and guide.”

The change of seasons has arrived and so has unsettling weather systems resulting in recent tornados in the Ottawa area. We may ask why here, at this time and in this way? Canadians have always felt safe, geographically removed from life threatening weather systems. Well, it is evident, that Mother Earth is in a big process of renewing herself, cleansing the old so the new can come in. She is on her own path of Enlightenment, ridding herself of bad energy, of being abused by mankind e.g. environmental changes with industrialization. Her process can be likened to taking a refreshing shower, only on a much bigger scale. And yes, this has brought destruction, loss, and change to people here and in other countries, with all the recent hurricanes and floods over the last two months.

Nature is calling humanity to adapt to events outside fo their control and to see that nature directs all life. Events like floods and tornados, are a wake up call to people to listen to the voice of nature and to come into alignment with the New Earth vibration. Walking in the woods after a cleansing rain is an example of connecting to one’s own true nature – to nature itself. We are not separate from nature. It means being awake, present, alert and prepared in an ever changing environment.

If you or someone else has been directly affected by a major or minor life event, it is an opportunity to reflect on what was experienced, what was lost and what is emerging from the event. This natural cleansing brings new life and creativity.

As an example, I went home a few years ago to my home after a big downpour and was greeted with a big basement flood, with sewers unable to manage the large amount of water. The student living in my basement immediately moved out, the basement was refinished to be a better living space through insurance coverage and I threw out many things that were damaged and not being used. The old energy was replaced with a new energy to create a new beginning, to allow new “chi” into the home and into my life. It is not always comfortable to be standing on a rug, books, cushions etc. all wet with sewer water. Nature was telling me to flow more easily with life and not to hold on to outdated belief systems, physical attachments etc.

When we flow with the river, accepting both sides of the coin in life, we can more easily adapt to life’s gifts and challenges. If your family has been impacted in any way as a result of this recent tornado, it is giving you the opportunity to birth something new in yourself and your life. And, in times of challenge and loss, many people come together in community to help and support each other. The focus becomes “we” oriented and not “I” oriented. Our scope of vision increases so that we see the bigger picture, that we are all one, and can support each other in good and challenging times. And amid material loss comes gratitude for lives not being lost.

Thanksgiving is a time to have gratitude for all life and to see all the gifts that life showers upon us. Take this special weekend to give gratitude to your family, friends, teachers, fellow office workers and people that you make contact with on any given day. Listen to the signs of nature that will help guide your way in any given moment. Here is a recent example of a sign from nature.

At this fall’s silent retreat, a few hours before the tornado hit in Ottawa, a chipmunk jumped upon my knee while I was meditating in a group and then ran back into the woods. He seemed like a very brave little fellow! What was his message to me? Well, he is known to be good about saving for the fall, having enough food for the winter. He also was bringing a sense of play, joy and presence. And it felt magical with the wood fairies laughing close by, with a twinkle in their eyes. In other words, don’t take life too seriously. This cute little chipmunk was attracted to silence, and you know that he tends to be very chatty. And lastly, he reflected to me that our inner and outer world are not separate. He was very silent as he jumped on my knee and likely was reflecting the silence inside of me in that moment.

So next time you take your kids in the woods, play a game of listening to nature as nature is always speaking to us. We just need to listen and be available. If we trust in the guidance of nature many beautiful things will unfold in our life.

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