“Be in the Flow – with this fun, water game that tests your balance and coordination.”

Do you want to be in the flow? Summer is a fun time to stay cool by playing a water game at the cottage, in the park or the family backyard.  It could be to celebrate a friend’s birthday too. You will need to make an obstacle course and use a timer too!

Each person gets a plastic cup and fills it to the brim with water. Then divide into teams. One at a time, each player moves through the course without spilling the water. The player has to start again if the water is spoilt.

Once a player gets all the way through, the cup is handed to the next player on the team. The team that finishes in the least amount of time wins.

Our bodies are made of 75 % water so to have good flow we need about 8 glasses daily. Make sure to have water before playing this game and afterward.

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