“Mindfulness of your breath and tapping into it daily will support your family life and health.”

Many people say, “Here come’s November, the bleak month, a time of more darkness with shorter days.” But in fact, it is a time to give you and your family more space, similar to the bear going into its den for rest.

We need space in our lives to relax and allow ourselves some quiet time. Do you remember how it felt when you were without your cell phone for a day or more? Yes, you got the chance to spend more time doing creative, quiet activities as a family and just simply resting. It is okay to be still, to listen to what your body wants.

In our fast pace lifestyle we can end up being bombarded with so much information from many sources: the internet, phones, social media and television. This can be overwhelming to the mind resulting in anxiety, confusion and increased vata, especially in the fall season.

We can block the flow of our life when this happens. So, using breath work regularly results in more mindfulness, relaxation, focus as well as many other benefits and a better flow in life.

And the planets in the sky say, that November is the month to release outdated patterns and is a time to embrace some adventure. Is your routine stagnant? How is your breath? Being mindful of our breath is the first step to release rigidity in the mind and body and this will lead to new healthy patterns. Remember we are all vibration and we are tuning our bodies in every moment with a conscious breath.

You may ask where to begin? During your normal day, take a moment, stop and listen to your breath. Are you doing chest breathing? You may also find yourself thinking about things that need to be done at work and home with time being the enemy. So, your friend is the belly breath that you can do for  a few minutes and then notice how you feel. The belly breath brings you back to the “moment”.

Remember the breath carries your life. This mindful grounding breath helps you move into the stillness and potential of the moment. Learn more about harnessing the breath for better health, peacefulness and happiness.

I introduce this at the evening tea meetings, with Breathontology workshops and 1:1 breath work sessions.


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