“Reflect on your heart’s need to give and receive with simplicity, purity and love.

Valentine’s Day is the perfect day to give and receive with your family, friends, a special someone and even your beloved pets.  February astrology says it is time to move ahead with your dreams now that the sky is free of retrogrades. So, go for it, go for what is in your heart because there is a lot of push to move you ahead.

Don’t wait until you feel comfortable. Take the risk and move ahead with boldness! In February 3 and 4, the sun is in Aquarius, the planetary sign that lights up the darkness and diversity is key. And, in the Chinese year of the rabbit, you can take big steps and jumps ahead. The universe is supporting you with your uniqueness to light up the world. Afterall we are all shining stars of light.

Remember to give with no expectations and to receive with no guilt. And don’t beat yourself up if you have had expectations about giving. For example, “I will give this much if this person gives back to me.” When we get into comparison and competition it takes away the beauty of giving and receiving.

So, reflect on your giving and receiving. Have you ever felt guilty about receiving? I am sure yes. Sometimes we find it hard to receive. It is easier to give and give. Receiving means a certain surrender to the other person and feeling deserving of receiving. Sometimes we deny this.  All it takes is awareness to self-correct. So, this Valentine’s Day is a perfect time to do this.

Happy Valentine’s Day to you all! Sending hearts of love your way. Anamda

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