“Join us for ‘Full Moon Yoga’ in the park this June 3rd from 11-12 AM. Register: Call Anamda 613-228-9235

What is your favorite way to move?  Running, walking, skipping, jumping …June 3 is National Health & Fitness Day.

So, make the most of it and join an event or make your own event. And, I invite you to attend my family yoga class in New Edinburgh. We can walk and take our mats to the nearby park, with the walk a warm up for the yoga class.

June 2023 represents a universal month of 4 and represents 4 foundations of hard work, stability, practicality and transformation. It gives a sense of order and the vibration of 4 focuses on responsibility, discipline and organization. The down to Earth approach helps you have practical strategies in your business and to align your actions with realistic expectations.

So, it helps to be adaptable in changing times and to persevere with challenges. After all the challenges in our life help us grow. Some astrologists also call June 2023, the 13 universal month, because it is a special number. This month is urging you to move forward in new ways, discovering new territory.

So, this is the month to tune into your destiny and what calls you. What do you want to express? And this can be expressing as a parent, adult or career person. It is time to listen to your inner intuition and not your ego. It is time to anchor yourself as an ‘individual’ rather than be part of the pack.

As not surprising, yoga, meditation, sound healing all give you the tools to tap into your and your children’s beautiful attributes – love, joy, innocence, compassion, generosity, etc.

I invite you to join me for the following YOGA/MEDITATION EVENTS:

 June 3:  for Family Yoga in the Park from 11-12 AM ($20/family)

 June 8:  Evening Tea with Anamda (FREE EVENT), 7-8:30 pm

June 29: Sound Healing Workshop, 7-8:30 PM. ($25)

Location: 80 Rideau Terrace, New Edinburgh

Registration: info@heartsoundsyoga.ca

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