“Join this 6-week Meditation Series – ‘Flow and Emerge’ & get a taste of it by joining me in a free introduction to meditation on Wednesday, April 5th.”

April is here and the sap is running from the giant maple trees and the rivers and creeks are flowing!  Nature is telling us to FLOW AND EMERGE INTO OUR NATURAL SELF.

Did you know that April energy is electric and full of changes, especially with eclipse season beginning and a full moon upon us. Everything is amplified and we have the opportunity to review hidden things in ourselves that need upgrading!

And the Sun entered Aries on the Equinox. Aries symbolizes the warrior in each of us to live life passionately with no regret or apology. Be a trail blazer with all this planetary movement that is calling you to step up to the plate and show yourself.

And April is an 11 universal month. It is a master number asking you to listen to your inspiration and intuition. Aries (2 Aries new moons this month) is asking you to be the LIGHT you were born to be.

So, this is a perfect month to ground yourself in nature – meditative walks will help you tune into your own inspirations and be conscious of what no longer serves you. Be ready for new challenges that will bring you growth.

To COMPLEMENT this, I am offering a 6-week MEDITATION COURSE that will bring centering, calmness, creativity and inspirations for yourself and your family. BREATH WORK AND SOUND HEALING, ALONG WITH AYURVEDIC TIPS will guide you along this road of RENEWED VITALITY!

Are you ready for the challenge. Here is the link to the April Courses.


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