“Take time with Dad this Father’s Day by going into nature and doing tree pose. Your Dad is like a strong and balanced tree bringing you lots of green energy.”

Father’s Day and the first day of summer both fall on June 21st this year. This is the time to celebrate the presence & strength of your father. Your father is like a strong tree, keeping the family grounded and rooted in the moment. Imagine his ‘green’ breath surrounding you like a bubble and take a walk with him in nature. Fathers are like tree with stillness and strength.

The male energy is about ‘stillness’ and is about going within like during a retreat. This is how the male inspires the female. Have you noticed that Dads, husbands or boyfriends have a simple way of organizing their daily life? The female, on the other hand likes diversity and creates diversity, with a balanced male energy. For example, their approach to cooking a dinner is simple, using the basic ingredients and not getting too fancy.  And the male gives the female boundaries, acting as a container and support for the female.

So enjoy these qualities of your father, knowing that you too, have the male energy inside you. Remember we all have both male and female within us and it is the male energy that directs and contains us. There is no gender when we have balanced male and female energy and this energy gives unity and peace.

To honour this, do ‘tree pose’ together, side by side with your Dad while you take time to enjoy the trees, plants and all of nature!

Happy Father’s Day!


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