Children are fresh, innocent and resilient in any moment.

There are an infinite number of partner poses you and your children can do together. They are fun and uplifting to do and bring out the fun in everyone as well as using them to play games. One fun exercise to engage your child into a yoga session is the technique of mirroring. Having the postures mirrored back gives children the visual reference they need to know how a pose works. Mirroring of poses also builds concentration and co-ordination as well as making children sensitive to the subtle energies of other people.

So try this. Sit in front of your child and raise your palms to their palms so they are close but not touching. Slowly start moving your hands getting your child to mirror your movements. You can do this for 2 minutes and then switch roles.

It is good to encourage your child to feel the heat and the energy flowing from your hands to their hands. Close your eyes when you are both sensitized to this energy and let the sensations in your plams guide you. This energy is called prana or “life force”.

Now have your child mirror you slowly and silently through a number of poses. Some poses you can do are tree pose, mountain pose, frog, cat/cow, snake, baby, bridge pose and the list goes on.

Here are threefun partner poses activities you can do at home, in the park or in your backyard. Your neighbors may want to join in on the fun!

Earth element – Warrior Friends

  1. Face each other, right foot to right foot saying, “We are fearless”.
  2. Step your left legs back and bend your right knee saying, “We work together”.
  3. Link hands left to right, right to left saying, “We link hands and pull”.
  4. Twist open and deepen the stretch saying, “We are warrior friends”.

Focus on each other’s eyes and communicate without words.

Water Element – Double Boat

  1. Bend knees, touch toes and hold hands saying, “We sit up tall”.
  2. Lift legs, soles of right feet pressing saying, “We press our right soles and balance”.
  3. “We press our left soles and balance”.
  4. Straighten both legsand arch back, saying “We make a boat”.

This is a balance pose so focus, breathe and move slowly, one step at a time. If you fall, roll and laugh and start again. This partner pose can take time so have fun getting familiar with it. Also try different positions with your legs to create different kinds of boats and stay afloat as long as you can!

Air Element – Rooftops

  1. Face your partner, arm’s length apart saying “We are partners”.
  2. Press each other’s palms and step away from each other saying “We touch our palms”.
  3. Lean forward and start to push your hands up saying “We press up”.
  4. Push your hands up as high as you can saying “We hold each other up”.

Breathe deeply, move slowly and have fun. Kneel is you are much taller than your partner.

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