“I am big like a large expanding star.”

STAR POSE is an active, easy, symmetrical pose that energizes your body and improves poster and is sometimes called the 5 pointed star.

It helps children work on core strength and balance, while increasing their concentration as they practice stillness in their own space.

How to do:

CHILDREN – Watch the Sparkly Star Pose Video

For PARENTS – Work from the ground up

  1. Start in mountain pose
  2. Bring feet wide apart with toes pointing out slightly on the mat; spine straight, chin up
  3. Brings arms to the side with palms facing out to open chest and shoulders
  4. Press down through your heels and straighten your legs fully, but do not lock or hyperextend your knees. Ground your feet firmly into the earth, pressing evenly across all four corners of both feet.
  5. Bring your awareness up. Continue upward to your shins, calves, and thighs. Then find alignment in your tailbone, pelvis, and belly; and then in your collarbones, shoulder blades, arms, and neck. Finally, extend the pose out through your fingertips and up through the crown of your head.
  6. Breathing in and out with a smooth and steady breath and hold 30 seconds or longer
  7. Wiggle fingers and playfully lift legs if your balance allows this
  8. Hold the pose for 1 minute and then release arms to your sides and step your feet back together into Mountain pose. Repeat 5-6 times

Star Pose can create symmetry and length throughout your whole body. Here are a couple of tips to help you stand up tall and wide.

To find your center of balance, lean your whole body forward and then backward. Then lean to the left and then to the right. Realign yourself so that your ears, shoulders, hips, and heels are all on the same plane, and your head and tailbone are aligned vertically.


Lengthens, opens and energizes the whole body in all directions at once

Aligns spinal column & opens the chest

Improves posture and reduces back and shoulder pain

Open stance makes it feel expansive like a start, expanded and grounded at the same time. Can bring balance to all areas of your life

Helps reduce the effects of sciatica and flat feet

Gives more space to the heart and lungs so improves circulation and respiration

Opens the heart – brings joy and you feel like you are hugging the world

Connecting with whole body brings calmness and help one let go of thoughts

Playful pose – can wiggle the hands, and playing by lifting legs – toggle back and forth

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