‘Take some time this ‘Nutrition Month’ to eat right and explore creative, yet simple recipes that you can make with your children.

March is ‘Nutrition Month’, a time to be conscious of the family’s eating habits and choice of foods for good health. And nutritionists are saying that it is not just the food you eat that is important; but, it is how you eat it. Our bodies will digest food better if it is made mindfully without being in a rush and eaten slowly, with the focus on chewing your food well. For example, notice when you are hungry or full so that you don’t eat to fill your emotional needs.

You can have more fun with cooking if you plan ahead and use some simple meal plans. Involving the family in the cooking makes it more fun and links everyone to food. Who doesn’t like making a nutritious meal together with interesting ingredients for your particular culture. You can have a special event, bringing friends and family together on the weekend to share how to make and use certain foods that may not be your main stream staples e.g. Greek dolmatas (stuffed Greek grape leaves).

And while you are in the kitchen you can talk about how your grandmother started making a cultural recipe, how it was handed down from one generation to another. You can also collect some of the favorite recipes and give them as a gift to your children.

Let your children learn how to cook and prepare food – how to prepare a grocery list, washing food, how to measure, chop and cook foods as well serving the food, how to use different kitchenware to make food as well as helping with the clean-up. Your child/children could become the future chefs as cooking is an art form in itself?


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