“Some easy Ayurvedic tips to keep the whole family balanced this summer”

This year we are asking, how can we play and be in. the Sun when we are adapting to climate change with hotter summers, forest fires displacing families from their communities and the resulting poor air quality that puts our health more at risk?

We can all reflect on this. Some ideas could include: taking responsibility to keep our lungs clear,  keeping our bodies balanced, looking at ways to advocate for improved air quality inside our homes and in the environment and helping others in need..

These are stressful events that each person is adapting to.  Mother Earth is going through major change, transmutation – “fire element”. We are part of Earth, so our bodies are also transmuting. It is a phase of purification, eliminating and burning your emotional toxins. You are shifting your pitta (fire element) right now and giving birth to something new, to reframe your passions.

Here are a few easy tips for summer balance so pitta doesn’t flare up leading to impatience and anger, skin rashes and outbreaks etc.

  • Do a cooling Sitali breath to reduce pitta and Belly Breath for vitality, relaxation, calmness
  • Wear sun screen and have a good hat to protect your head from the sun
  • Put protective sesame oil or ghee in the nose that helps stop invasive smoke particles going deep into the lung
  • Stay hydrated in the extreme heat with proper fluids like coconut water, lime drinks with salt, and avoid coffee, tea and alcohol.
  • Avoid mucus foods e.g. too much dairy.
  • Avoid using too much oil that will aggravate pitta
  • Take time to get/stay cool on hot summer days e.g. swimming
  • Enjoy time in your favourite hammock, reading a book so your body feels supported and reassured.
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