“Eagle Eyes is an exercise to help your child develop one-pointed concentration and a calm mind.”

This exercise comes from a Hatha yoga discipline called “Tratak” to develop one-pointed concentration, putting your attention on a single point. It helps focus a scattered mind. It is also good for strengthening the eye muscles by switching your gaze from one outstretched finger to another.

So, show your child to hold up the left index finger (4 in) in front of the nose and stretch out the right arm at shoulder height and hold up the right index finger. And, as you breathe out, focus your eyes on your left fingertip in front of your nose. And on the breath in, shift your gaze to your outstretched right finger. Continue this for 5-10 breaths, keeping the breath and the focus of your eyes soft.

Another simple variation of “Tratak” is to watch the second hand of a clock for one minute with full attention. And this can sound rather easy. Remember that you must stay focused on the second hand without drifting off or becoming distracted for even a moment.

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