“Have family fun, get energized and feel calm with Downward Dog pose”

Downward Dog Pose is a fun family pose to do and has the ability to be both a calming and energizing pose, and helps to get our blood flowing and recenter our focus.

To encourage breathing in this pose, have fun and try barking like a dog!

Step 1
Begin on your hands and knees on table pose

Step 2
Curl your toes under, straighten your knees, and lift your hips.

Step 3
Keep your head between your arms.

Step 4
Lower your knees to your mat after holding for a few seconds.

It is a great pose to get the heart rate up, the blood flowing and gives good strength and endurance.

For family fun, do this short sequence of forward bend and then downward dog followed by child’s pose. Do your natural breath (belly breath) while in each pose.

Notice how energized you feel after doing this pose.

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