“Yoga helps you experience your “big self” -the ocean with your ‘little self’ being the wave.”

​With the experience of yoga, you have likely experienced a deep sense of peace and stillness, during or after your practice. And this is your unique inner “yoga space”.  Your children will experience this too doing yoga with other children or with you in family yoga. You can explain to them that this is a space of no suffering and no fear. It can be called our Divine nature, true home, Soul, ‘who we really are.’

All our life we experience change in our bodies, emotions, environment, thoughts, beliefs, tastes, etc.  So, we are always shifting and not the exact same person that we were a year ago, a minute or a second ago. Yet, in this fluctuating world, our inner yoga space stays constant and unchanging.

So, doing yoga with your children and for yourself, helps that connection, to join our “little” self with the “bigger” parts of yourself. You can facilitate your children experiencing their bigger self so they relax and have confidence in their own unique self.  And children catch on to this very quickly and innocently.

One can use the example of the ocean and the waves to visualize the “little self” and the “big self”. You may see that you are one wave of a big ocean of waves. The wave lasts a second or two and disappears back into the ocean so the wave and ocean are the same thing. Once you assess your inner yoga space, then you realize that you are connected to everything in the universe. There is no separation. It makes it easier to accept everyone around you as part of you.  And yoga brings you to this realization.

And taking this a step further, children having this understanding, will grow up having respect and compassion for other people, themselves and the Earth.  And the tool to contact one’s “bigger self” is mindfulness. Your children will mimic you during yoga and learn more about themselves, become more focused and relaxed. They will learn to see their moods and emotions as small waves in a big ocean!

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