“A creative exercise to build centeredness and confidence.’

This is a special exercise you can do with your children to put them in touch with their inner cave of communication. It builds self-confidence and it helps children strengthen their whole structure.

How to do it:

  1. Have your children draw a circle around themselves with invisible ink or step inside of a big hula hoop and walk with it and then ask them to put their favourite persons or things that they like inside the circe.
  2.  Have your children step inside the circle and make it as big as they are comfortable.
  3. Tell them that the circle can move and flow around them (their energy, aura) as they walk for a few minutes with their hands extended on the side. You can bring music in at this time.
  4. Give them a ‘magic word’ to energize the circle so they can visualize it as alive and that it goes whereever they go.
  5. The magic word can be ‘Hari Om’ that is a mantra that is uplifting. Hari – means ‘the remover’, so removal of any unhappiness e.g. sadness and OM – is to reconnect with the expansive part of ourselves. It can be any word that is meaningful to them.
  6. Have them walk and dance and make circular movements with the hula hoop to find that quiet center,  staying in the middle.
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