“An easy spring cleanse of your water pipes or lymphatics, will keep you and your family healthy, energized and happy.”

This Spring there has been a real excess of water with nature rebalancing itself. In a similar way, we don’t want clogged drains, with excess water, in our body so it is important to clean these drains, the lymphatic system vessels, that act like the drains in our home.

They travel close to our blood and drain fluid from the blood vessels (like tap faucets). They pump lymph using smooth muscle and muscle contraction so moving the body really helps – exercise, yoga, etc. This drain can be clogged for years if not attended too. Have you heard of those horror stories of drainage pipes in the house bursting due to blocks in the system? This can happen in the body too.

When we don’t work our lymphatics our body has to adapt to toxins coming from food, water and environment and this can weaken your immune system. These toxins can build up and clog the system. Like a drain that slowly clogs up, our lymph system becomes congested and loses its ability to remove waste in an efficient manner. Of course, our body gives us signs of distress so let’s listen to our body before it starts screaming.

Some signs of slow lymphatic drainage or poor waste removal include: soreness/stiffness in the morning, bloating, tiredness, dry skin, retaining water, rashes, cold hands and feet and trouble thinking clearly.

Besides detoxification, the immune system’s B and T cells are more active in the lymph nodes of the body. So imagine, if our lymph is sluggish, our immune system will be weakened.

Tips to keep the Lymphatic System in Good Shape

  1. Follow nature and eat with the seasons, just like the squirrels who eat more acidic food in the winter e.g. nuts to keep them warm, In the spring have more alkaline food to keep the lymph moving well. Some alkaline food includes: greens of all kinds, fruits, raisons.
  2. Eat three meals a day and don’t snack.
  3. Wake up with the sun and go to sleep at sundown, a great time to do a few “sun salutations” to get the lymphatic system and whole body moving.
  4. Drink lots of water each day – 8 glasses or more of warm water, sip throughout the day so the lymphatics work well, like rinsing the sink in the kitchen.
  5. Do “nasal breathing” as the rib cage is a major lymphatic pump that moves the lymph around the body. So first thing in the morning do long deep breathing, also called the natural breath.
  6. The whole family can do yoga poses that naturally move the lymphatics in the body.
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