‘Set your sights to 2020 with a family ‘dream board’ activity.’

Dream boards are an inspirational way to envision your future and is a very fun creative project for families, especially during the Christmas holidays. This is especially a good time to project a bright future with the beginning of a new decade. One thing is certain, we all change in the moment so there is no going back. Along with Yoga and Meditation this creative space will help you release anything that you have out-grown. Why keep them around, gathering dust.

Remember that what we focus on we become. So, putting powerful images on a board with your dreams will have a real vibrational impact. You attract what you vibrate. If you believe that you can achieve a specific goal, that frequency will be activated.

So, a vision board is visualization tool using a board of any sort and building a collage of words and pictures that represent the goals of your family when you do together e.g. discover a new activity together, to meditate or do yoga together etc. According to your mind position, visualization will attract and magnetize to you the people, opportunities and resources you need to reach your goal. It is really about listening to nature, your family and any signs appearing in a serendipitous way.

You can do this dream board one afternoon together as a family or a bit everyday by adding this visualization practice to your daily routine or just before or after you family meditation or yoga. You will start to notice things coming into your life bringing you closer to your ideal life, whatever it is for you and your family. For example, you may feel more focused, calm and energized with having this practice. And you will notice that there seems to be time to complete the very thing that you visualized coming to life and the resources will come easily.

So parents, your children will love being involved, finding old magazines with pictures, gathering together your creative supplies like markers, paint, glue, stickers, scissors and so on. And finding the right space is very important. It could be a sacred space where you meditate or a place for special quiet time.

And before you start cutting those images, think about what images and words resonate most with your intention e.g. to have a family skating day twice a month during the winter. It can be really simple. Or maybe, you want to love yourself more by taking more time for yourself, by allowing yourself time to be loved by family members like a special meal with Mom not having to cooking.

Once the board is done put it in a special place where the whole family can look at it often with everyone connecting with their feelings of the vision. You can also write a ‘make it real’ list – things that you can start doing to live in alignment with your intention, not tomorrow but right now. And, you can also add to your dream board any new ideas that come in the moment.

This project will give you and your family a special focus that knits the family together like a warm scarf in the winter months. Enjoy that hot chocolate as you connect with your dream board and each other!

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