“Celebrate your mother and reflect on her qualities and natural love for her children.”

Your mother is with you from the time she dreamed of you and all through your life. Even though the umbilical cord is cut at birth there is a strong energetic link between mother and child. Women are here to give birth to children, projects and to expand with the man containing the woman (Lost Secrets of the Feminine, by Berdhanya Swami Tierra).

Berdhanya shares in her book that women are the carriers of life, power and beauty and naturally have the attributes of joy, love, peace, compassion and kindness. If you reflect on your own relationship with your mother and what she has provided to you over the years and presently, you will find someone who has put her child first and has dedicated herself to the role of motherhood. And, all mothers know that this requires total surrender with full commitment to her role.

And from a child’s view point, your mother knows all your beautiful qualities and supports you in every step of your development, through various stages of your early years (baby to teenager), giving you a gentle push to move you through uncertainty or insecurities, actively listening and giving you the freedom to jump into the unknown of yourself – discovering you. If she is in tune with herself than she will be in tune with her child/children at all times.

And Berdhanya also says, that women are here to lead with grace and certainty. Her power is to carry the resonance of life in every foot step in a pure and balanced way. Her love showers her children in every moment. Her simplicity and presence are the beauty that attracts the man, who is looking for the stable love of a woman, and not all her emotional stories. The man gives a complementary energy – to contain the woman.

And sometimes women need the company of woman to express themselves or they take time for themselves. Loving ‘yourself’ can be expressed in many ways. Especially important, is to give special time to you everyday, even if only for a half hour e.g. have a regular practice of yoga, meditation and breathing that will keep you balanced and steady during life transitions and challenges. A yoga or meditation practice will remove any self-doubt, mental and physical fatigue and you will feel receptive, ready to engage in life naturally.

So this Mother’s Day, step back and reflect upon your natural ability to love and care for your children. And for your children, they are passionate to show, ‘Mom’, how special and beautiful she is and how grateful they are for her steady presence, laughter and love!





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