“Learn how to tap into and unleash the power of your breath for good health and wellness.”

Let your body heal itself with the POWER of your BREATH!

Modern research: Your breath is one of the safest, fastest and powerful tools you have to support your health.

Learn to consciously control your breath and energy levels.

Experience increased vitality, calmness, joy and decreased stress, anxiety, inflammation, chronic pain, insomnia.

Workshop includes:

  • Gentle movements to warm up the spine
  • Various breathing practices
  • Relaxation with visualization
  • Sound healing in combination with the breath

Free workshop, limited yoga mats available. All residents of Carlington neighbourhood are welcome! Available in English.

Contact Jenny at jhaider@carlingtonchc.org or 613-722-4000 x 299 for any additional questions.

Please note: This workshop is offered at Carlington Community Health Centre and is only open to residents who live in the Carlington catchment area.

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