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Family yoga: Heart Sounds Yoga – In Harmony with Earth

“Mother Earth”, with her “big heart”, showers many blessings upon all living things. We are all the living elements of nature, inter-connected with Earth and all of creation. We can sustain Earth by living in harmony with her in a way that doesn’t harm her, not to take more than we need and to give back to Earth.  Family yoga is a natural way to support and balance the 5 elements that vibrate and dance within us in a unique way. How we manage them is how we treat nature. Children do this innocently with joy, with an open heart and with their natural willingness to embrace Earth – the whole Earth that rests within us.  This fun and creative hatha yoga class will enhance your “heart essence” and “balanced connection to Earth” with: yoga poses for each element, the walk of the elements and a yoga activity and meditation using the sound current (your voice and acoustic instruments) to honorthe “New Earth.”

Anamda is an experienced yoga and meditation trainer/teacher for children and the whole family Anamda
has been inspired to create “Heart Sounds Yoga” after having children reflect the qualities and sound of the “heart “to her over the years. Her classes support children and parents to actively connect with their “heart essence” using the sound current and a multi-layered, creative approach with yoga and meditation.  Anamda has two certificates in children’s teacher training (children and teens), extensive training in yoga and meditation with Berdhanya Swami Tierra, her Spiritual teacher, as well as a strong background in health promotion.

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