“Enjoy this lively, fun and creative yoga and live music workshop for families.”


Come and enjoy this ‘Bhakti in the Woods’ festival for the whole family, dedicated to initiating wholeness and anchoring light for all of humanity. A co-creation and celebration of Life on Earth through sacred sound and healing.  This year is highlighting creativity, on all fronts, as a point of growth and reference for evolving into the New Earth. http://bhaktiinthewoods.com/attend/workshops/

Share your ‘creative spark’ with ‘HEART SOUNDS YOGA FAMILY’ workshop on Saturday, August 17th. ‘Shine Your Light’  in this interactive yoga workshop with the songs and story of the ‘Rainbow People’ and dance for the healing of Mother Earth.

This live music workshop includes local musicians who have collaborated with ‘Heart Sounds Yoga’ to record ‘Shining Rainbow Hands’, Children’s Yoga Songs. Their enthusiasm and love of music and children shines through in every song. Stay tuned for this music CD, soon to be released.

Sylvia Larrass – music arranger, vocals.

She holds a diploma in vocal performance, as well as a medal of excellence from the Royal Conservatory of Music.  She has performed with various ensembles at the Ottawa Chamber Music Festival, the Pontiac Festival, as well as with Opera Lyra, and as a soloist in Germany, where she grew up.  She is the director of Voice and Presentation Excellence, where she coaches people how to speak with confidence and sing with joy.

Reiko Lokker – violin teacher and performer

Reiko has been playing the violin since the age of five and has performed with several ensembles and orchestras across Kitchener-Waterloo, Ottawa, and Tokyo. She is a member of 234 Strings, an Ottawa based piano trio. Currently she is a private violin teacher, performer, and a Japanese teacher and translator part-time. 

Francis Siddhartha Houleo

Francis who is 9 years old and who is in Grade 4 has among his best friends, 2 cats – Fufoo and Sophie, 2 lovely turtles – Lily and Lela and multiple colorful fish.  He plays violin as a hobby and likes to sing. Francis performed at the Peace Festival of Ottawa a couple times. He joins Tzu Chi foundation for monthly performances at several senior residences in Ottawa. He follows and practices Buddhist meditation with his Mom. Francis recently vowed to be a vegetarian for the well-being of animals. He goes to French school and speaks mandarin at home. Francis brings enthusiasm, lightness and calmness wherever he is.

Susan Sweeney Hermon (unavailable for this event)

Susan is a Celtic harpist who is a lover of lore that grow out of many countries soil, like beautiful perennials from one generation to another. She has collaborated with story tellers over the years and has brought her harp into many community settings, uplifting people with her music. She was a founding member of the Ottawa Harp Choir and she is also the president of the Spirit of Rasputin’s that creates a home for the Ottawa folk music community.

Berdhanya Swami Tierra – composer of lyrics for ‘I Am All’. 

Berdhanya Swami Tierra is a spiritual teacher, author, and mystic dedicated to opening the way to individuals who are sincerely interested in self-cultivation and inner mastery. Berdhanya is the author of several books including The Mystic Heart (2014), Mastering Reality (2017), The World Within (2018) and Lost Secrets of the Feminine (2019).

Anamda Sly – composer of children’s yoga songs, vocals, author of children’s story.

As the Founder of ‘Heart Sounds Yoga’, she offers yoga/meditation classes for the whole family and Children’s Yoga Teacher Training for parents, yoga teachers and educators. With a background in piano, she enjoys composing songs for children and bringing forth the creative sound current. The yoga children and families, who have helped co-create classes over the years, have been the inspiration for this music CD, ‘Shining Rainbow Hands’. She also enjoys teaching Hatha yoga (children and adults) at the Rideau Sports Centre in Ottawa.











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