“It is easy to be relaxed and slow like a turtle, just by using your thumbs and fists together, imitating Mr. Turtle.”

You know how Mr. Turtle likes to put his head inside his shell for protection from predators and do his own kind of meditation. Well, you can do the same thing to balance your brain and to remove stress.

Sit in easy pose, with your hands-on each side of your shoulder. Put your hands in fists, with the thumbs outside the palm and then open the palm and bring the thumb inside the palm and close your fists. Continue this as quickly as possible.

Notice how you feel after doing this for a couple of minutes. Do you feel calmer, more relaxed, focused and moving a bit slower? Like Mr. Turtle, you are grounded and centered and now ready to meet the world and any challenges with a smile!

While doing it you can chant the mantra – “I am focused and relaxed.”


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