“HAPPY Father’s Day” – a time to appreciate your Dad’s uniqueness and to enjoy being ACTIVE together.


Now, that summer is almost here, the great outdoors offers relaxation and fun for the whole family. And it is not surprising that Canada’s Men’s Health Month for June has the theme of “Move for Your Mental Health”.

“Be Active With Your Family” is being promoted because being physically active is a healthy outlet during times of stress where everyone is coping with a new reality with this global pandemic. You may have been doing virtual yoga and fitness, and lots of walking etc. all winter and now the opportunity has come to walk on your favorite hiking trails or bicycle trails. The prana of Mother Earth will nourish and sooth your body, mind and spirit and your children will appreciate, value and want to protect nature.

Dad you can take the lead and plan a scavenger hunt in the woods or park or have some yoga poses written on a paper for each person to do during a walk, a magical fairy spot they come upon. Everyone joins in and, as you do the pose, you breathe in deeply the oxygen from the trees, a great way to build vitality.

And on Father’s Day, check out the offerings at the ‘Rideau Sports Centre’, a beautiful multi-sports centre, by the scenic Rideau River and Rideau Trail that will have outdoor yoga and fitness classes in the “Zen Tent” starting June 14th.

Another virtual June event is ‘family yoga’ with Heart Sounds Yoga, on Father’s Day Weekend. Here is the link  https://heartsoundsyoga.ca/project/kids/

And if you would like a special virtual Father’s Day class on June 20, please contact Anamda at info@heartsoundsyoga.ca

With gratitude to all FATHERS. You are a strong pillar of love and support to your families!

Shanti, Anamda






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