‘This summer backyard game is a great way for kids to release pent up energy.’

This fun summer time backyard game for kids is from ‘Let Go’.

Goal: Catch Mr. Fox before Mr. Fox catches you.

Number of Players – 3+

How to Play:


  1. One player, Mr. Fox, stands at one end of a large empty space. All other players stand at the other end behind a line or marker. Mr. Fox’s back faces the other players.
  2. The other players call out together, “What time is it, Mr. Fox?” Mr. Fox responds with a random time, e.g. “It’s four o’clock!” The players take that number of steps (four, in this case) toward Mr. Fox.
  3. At any time, Mr. Fox can call out “midnight!”(or “lunchtime” or “dinnertime”) and turn around to chase the other players back to the starting line. Any players Mr. Fox manages to tag become foxes, too, and join him at the far end.
  4. Play resumes with all untagged players at the starting line again. Now when Mr. Fox shouts “midnight!” all the foxes try to catch the other players.
  5. The round ends when all but one player have been turned into foxes. That player becomes the new Mr. Fox.
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