“Close the door of your senses and open up your inner eyes and ears.”

This is an exercise that children can do at the end of Savasana and is about closing their world and just sitting or lying down in silence with themselves. It is a way to take a break from noise and images on phones, computers, etc. that are constantly in our world.

So, sit cross-legged on the floor or lying down and spread the fingers of both hands out (palms up), then bring your index finger and middle-fingers together. Now taking your hands to you head block your ears with your thumbs. Then, lightly place your index and middle fingers over your eyes and ring and little fingers to press your lips together.

The hand position is a seal known as a mudra in yoga and this particular mudra closes the gate or door to your senses. Now you can ask your child to open up the inner eyes and ears. What sounds do you hear? You can listen to the sound of your breathing, your heart beat, and the rush of your blood around your body.

You can do this exercise for short periods and parent and child(ren) can talk about and share afterward. As you practice this exercise, you can imagine you are watching a kind of internal movie.

A great yogi once told the famous Indian poet-saint Mirabai to “Become so still you hear the blood flowing through your veins.” She discovered herself on the verge of a vast world inside, the Source of all of us.

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