‘Tap into a new family rhythm using some yoga tools to relax and recharge every day.’

We are in a special 2020 New Year, the beginning of a new decade, that is showering new inspiration and possibilities of new creations. Are you already feeling the shift to another energy and do you feel ready to tap into this energy in ‘the now’? It could feel a bit disorientating at first so the best way to adapt, flow and link is to listen to the signs all around you. What is nature telling you and your children? How are you linking as a family and with your world? Are you experiencing any synchronicities in your life? Do you need to slow down your rhythm and relax, letting the ‘family do list’ relax a bit or prioritize your passions?

If you have not yet completed the Christmas dream board, it can be done in January and is a great activity for the whole family to come together to co-create a new vision, idea. It will help your children settle down, leaving behind the sugar high of many Christmas treats and resulting hyperactivity. It is also an opportunity to share with your children and to reflect on your family approach to life. For example, do we need to move and be busy every moment of the day? Is there another way of managing the day and experiencing your now?  Your children may want to build a cave with blankets and have quiet time reading a book in a cozy space. Or, the family takes 10 minutes to sit quietly doing the natural breath to recharge and rebalance. Your body, mind and spirit will thank you.

Children are generally very busy with school and other extra-curricular activities so yoga and meditation for a few minutes after school or during the evening helps them settle more into their bodies and their breath, all leading to a quieter mind and relaxation. I have observed children coming to yoga after a busy day needing time to relax their bodies and to let go, right at the beginning of the class. They are so used to the constant stimulation of their senses through cell phones, television, radios, school work, communication with teachers and friends, etc.

So, as parents, your children will thank you for limiting their time with computer games and other techy things. This way your children can relax their senses, even for a short time, instead of having a brain packed with countless images.  Notice what happens when your children have a special time each day to relax their mind and body using the breath and/or chanting a simple mantra, e.g. So, Hum for 2-3 minutes as they float on the ocean waves or do the ‘Ocean Breath’. And observe what happens when you link with your children to relax and meditate.

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