“Kids and family yoga” in Ottawa. – Parenting Times Magazine, spring issue gives you the lowdown of FAMILY YOGA enjoyment and KIDS YOGA in pre-schools, schools, community centres and other organizations.”

Ottawa Parenting Times Magazine is an on-line magazine for parents and families in the Ottawa region and is the leading source of information, entertainment, and education news for parents and families in the National Capital Reigon.

Ottawa Parenting Times offers parents essential information about education, family health, family fun, family travel, the arts, community profiles and so much more. If you are not familiar with this amazing magazine, take a look and pass on to your friends.

Children and family yoga benefits are featured in the Parenting Times Spring Magazine issue as per two local Ottawa yoga businesses (article by Tracey Tong). Spring is a great time to get the message out to parents/community groups/organizations about the benefits of yoga for kids and families.

Spring 2023


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