“Invite your friends over to experience this fun adventure of the senses.”

Have some family fun with an interactive, creative mindfulness activity with the five senses. Mindfulness is the practice of cultivating awareness and acceptance without judgement. It is a good practice for all age groups and good to develop at an early age.

Begin with sitting together doing the belly breath for 2-3 minutes to bring you in touch with your senses. 

  1. Sense of Sound – Mindfully listening to nature with awareness of the sounds without becoming distracted and having keen focused attention. One example, breathe in and out through your nose, just listening and then share what you have heard. Or, go for a nature walk with no talking, just listening.
  2. Sense of Sight – Any gazing activity will lead your child to be more aware of the sense of sight e.g. looking at a sunset, watching the river flow or watching falling water of a waterfall are a few examples. Also, look at the big picture and then a smaller focus of the scene and see what pops up.
  3. Sense of Taste – Mindful Eating. This is one that as an adult I am still learning to be mindful of: to slow down and enjoy the food that I eat. You all know parents, that tendency to eat on the go. Eating silently at the table for a few minutes can really set a calm tone with good digestion. It brings awareness to this sense. Take one bite and chew slowly and notice the different flavours – salty, sweet, bitter, more heating, etc.
  4. Sense of Smell – An easy activity is with 2 or more people with each person smelling different flowers in nature or in a garden, or flowers, spices and food in the home. You can make a game of this with the sniffer closes their eyes and the other person puts the object under the nose. At the end of the activity, notice is your sense of smell is more acute.
  5. Sense of Touch. – I can feel it – is an activity where you go around the house and gather a few things of different shapes, sizes, textures and put them into a bag. Have each person reach into the bag, feel it and describe it and then guess what it is. Then they pull it out to see if they guessed right. As a family, you can take turns doing this.

As a family you can also check each sense on consecutive days to go deeper with the activity and have more time to share and have fun with each experience.

It really is an adventure to discover the senses and what a great activity it is to do for children’s events e.g. birthday parties.

What are your senses telling you today? Did you notice that you felt more present in the moment and more focused, relaxed? And how is your breath before and after the activity? Is there a balance between the 5 senses? And  see what you learn from each other doing this activity. The sharing will be just as important as the experience.

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