Oscar the Snowman

A brother and sister adventure together, weaving magic in the snow and learning to share together in harmony.

The Growing Tree – Pranayamas for Children

Become a growing tree with breath work (pranayamas) using sounds coming from you and the tree.

Happy Christmas

Ishtiak, Santa’s helper, has words of wisdom to have a Happy Christmas!

Guided Visualization – The Moon Walk

This is a wonderful visualization of going to the moon and coming back relaxed after a moon walk.

Samuel and the Trumpet

Touch your own magic expression with music. Enjoy listening to some fun & inspiring yoga stories with your children at home, in your yoga class during story time or in your school classroom. The narrator is Anamda Sly, Heart Sounds Yoga teacher/trainer...

The story – “Can My Liver Feel?”

Let’s now go for a walk in the big field full of dandelions. Enjoy listening to some fun & inspiring yoga stories with your children at home, in your yoga class during story time or in your school classroom. The narrator is Anamda Sly, Heart Sounds...

The Real Cookie

“Who am I, the child asks, looking at the blue, blue expansive sky?” Enjoy listening to some fun & inspiring yoga stories with your children at home, in a yoga class during story time or in your school classroom. The narrator is Anamda Sly, Heart Sounds Yoga...

The Club Yoga training came to me at a perfect time. Amanda is an open, connected teacher who through leading, exploration and meditation has give me great insight into my personal practice, my role as a mother and as a psychologist working with children. This is such a gift for me.

Heather McDonald

I began my journey with Club Yoga as a volunteer, and knew immediately that I wanted to be part of the Club Yoga teaching team. The Teacher Training has enriched me on so many levels; it has allowed me to deepen my own personal yoga practice while learning how to develop fun and engaging yoga classes for children and their families. Having been on the Club Yoga Teacher Training journey, I can now bring yoga into the daily lives of the children I teach in elementary school classrooms. The teachers, resources, and practical experience have been invaluable and life-changing.

Jillian Ade

I did children's yoga when I was young. I learned so much about how to breathe properly and how to enjoy simple stretches and how my body reacts to it. I recommend it to everyone, especially kids that have a hard time focusing.

Sebastian Peralta

Owner & Practitioner, Viveda

I completed this Club Yoga course January 9th – 12th 2017 .This 18 hours child yoga course conducted very professionally by Yoga Teacher Trainer Anamda Sly .  My personal experience as a educator with children is that in the few minutes of meditation at the beginning of a class helps them become calmer and focus on the work period. During my yoga training, I noticed that different elements of Yoga teachings takes parallel paths with Montessori Education for younger children. Therefore, I have a strong feeling that a period of Child Yoga will bring tremendous balance and flexibility in better performance and discipline not only during class, but also for the personal growth of these younger children. I therefore, am very happy that I took this course where I can practice with children and observe its best results.

Medhavi Kumararatne

Teacher, Montessori School

Vir, my 11-year old son, has been doing weekly private lessons with Anamda Sly for the last two academic years. Vir is a spirited boy who struggles to manage symptoms of ADHD and Development Coordination Disorder (DCD). After just one year, Vir’s teachers remarked that they were observing increased facility in focusing on classroom work. Moreover, we saw him integrating and employing breathing strategies and meditation into his daily life in order to better control his impulsiveness and emotions.

Vir enjoys and looks forward to his weekly classes with Anamda. He has developed a trusting relationship with her and values her suggestions and advice. I believe that this has enabled Vir to integrate his yoga practices with mindfulness and increased confidence.

Charulata Prasada


Anamda Sly’s online private yoga classes saved me this long winter as I was able to find inner peace and balance through her classes during my most challenging season.  Her gentle and personalized approach made it a powerful and customized experience to the specific needs of that day. Not just physical movements, but also breath work, meditation, and healing sounds are offered, making each session, interesting, varied, and complete.
I highly recommend Anamda’s classes to any who are seeking a deeper, long lasting, and complete yoga experience.

I feel like being a child again whenever I am with a Club Yoga class. I feel free to be curious and to discover, and to be open, just like an innocent child. The energy of the Club Yoga class and training is liberating and penetrating. Thank you

Coco Li

I thoroughly enjoyed tapping into my child’s energy and to walk that fine line between learning as an adult and participating as a child. It’s been quite the learning journey for me. Many thanks!


An incredible gift of of insight and self-empowerment!  I am enjoying greater clarity and well-being,  Namaste Anamda and Berdhanya.

Jill Yip

I enrolled in the program to learn how to engage children in the practice of yoga.  I ended up also reawakening the child in me that likes to be silly, imaginative and energized. Club Yoga training helped me reawaken the joy.


Thank you for helping me to move forward to introduce children to yoga and to work with children in a way that is fun and provides long term benefits.


Anamda Sly

Anamda Sly

Owner and Teacher

Anamda brings innocence, creativity and wholeness to “Heart Sounds Yoga” and meditation teachings for children (including exceptional children) and adults or the whole family. She is passionate to bring multi-layered classes mixed with healing sounds (nada yoga).

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